The Different Types of Indoor Lighting


Lighting is one of the most important parts in any interior design finish. There are many different types of indoor lighting when it comes to updating a house with your own style. The kind of lighting one puts up in the house affects the ambience and the mood of the house. The type of lighting will also affect visibility. This can have a positive or negative effect; dim lighting can be a problem when trying to access things in the house, or watching the tv. Bright lighting can have damaging effects to the eye especially when looked at directly. A good compromise has to be struck between the two to provide for the moods that come naturally with different lighting. The design of the lights also needs to be checked, halogen lights and fluorescents are a good choice due to their cost and longevity. Halogen lights will accentuate colors better than the fluorescents. They will also save a lot of money due to their energy efficiency properties.

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. It is used as a place to prepare meals and in some cases will double up as the dining room. Halogen lights and fluorescents can be used to light up this space. Using different layers of lighting will be not only favorable but a beautiful addition. Light up the cabinets and the shelves differently from the cooking area. You can also light up the kitchen canopy differently providing for a good working atmosphere. The working area needs to have better and brighter lighting for the purpose of working on the counters. The cabinets and the shelves can have halogen lights fitted with dimmer.

The dining area should be fitted with retractable lights hanging low. The halogen lights fitted with dimmers will also be ideal for creating a mood at the dining table. This is an ideal feature as the kitchen can be lighted dimly with the only well visible light at the dining table after serving the meals.

The living room and the lounge are the most crucial area in any house. The fact that more activities take place in this area makes lighting it take a little bit more thought. The living room will be used as a relaxing area needing low lighting and lamp shades, TV room, entertainment and a meeting room. The layers of light used hear can range from chandeliers to low halogen lights and lamps fitted for all the activities. This will also keep everyone comfortable no matter the activity they are engaging in.

The bedroom could be fitted with beautiful halogen lights and lamps. Lamps are ideal for switching off lights from the bed. The wardrobes should also have fitted lights bright enough to enable you to pick clothes. They should also come with mirror lights ate the dresses and any other mirror in the room used for dressing. This also allows one to dress up and get ready without bothering anyone.

The bathroom could be fitted with dimming lights for the purpose of creating a nice mood. If you have a bathtub, the more the reason you need dimming lights. Mirror lights are also ideal for lighting up the face and for make up purposes too. The lights should also be set up in a way that they do not create shadows. Lower voltage halogen lights are ideal for this part of the house.

The garage should be lighted up brightly compared to any other part of the house. The fact that many things are stored in this part of the house means that you will need to see everything clearly. The house corridors can be accentuated with low voltage halogen lights with a dimming capability. They should also have fitted lights giving them a movie hallway impression. The different types of indoor lighting will definitely keep your house looking lovely.